After 15 years of introducing manufacturing careers to high school students through our signature program, BotsIQ, we are launching and developing a new program for younger students.

BotsIQ Cobot Challenge will introduce 7th-9th grade students to in-demand advanced manufacturing and robotics careers while they gain technical skills in mechanical engineering and computer-aided design, electrical engineering and electronics, computer programming, fabrication, and more.

What is a Cobot?

Cobots, or Collaborative Robots, are robotic solutions designed to safely interact alongside humans to complete a common task or goal.  Found in a variety of industrial, domestic, and professional settings, a cobot can be programmed to perform dirty, dangerous, boring, and repetitive tasks.

What is the Challenge?

A team of students will identify a problem (i.e. building a tower, dialing a phone number) then create a cobot solution.  Teams will assemble a robotic arm kit, then design and manufacture an end for the arm, create a power system, and program their cobot to carry out the function(s) for its task.