Bridging the Gap Between Education and Industry

BotsIQ is a manufacturing workforce development program of the Pittsburgh Chapter National Tooling & Machining Foundation whose goal is to provide a pathway for youth to learn about rewarding career options in manufacturing. 

Identifying and developing a career plan is a challenge for students. BotsIQ holds a pivotal position as a workforce development program that attracts smart, capable students who love to build things and solve problems — exactly the type of people that will comprise the future manufacturing workforce.

Pathways to Rewarding Opportunities

BotsIQ is a unique manufacturing workforce development program that empowers youth for rewarding careers in manufacturing. Through hands-on experience in a professional manufacturing model, students gain in-demand technical skills like engineering, machining, and 3D printing. Paired with industry mentors, participating schools provide equal opportunities for all students to explore manufacturing and STEM careers. Connect with BotsIQ to join the journey towards a vibrant future in manufacturing. 

BotsIQ ensures equal access for students of diverse backgrounds to explore manufacturing and STEM careers. Programs are available to every public and private school, homeschool, and qualified youth organization across the Tri-State Pittsburgh region.

Addressing the Manufacturing Skills Gap

Southwestern Pennsylvania’s manufacturing industry faces a pressing challenge: a widening skills gap and lack of awareness. As the workforce ages and positions go unfilled, the urgency to find qualified workers intensifies. By 2030, millions of open manufacturing positions loom across the nation, creating a significant void. 

BotsIQ understands the importance of attracting and empowering the next generation of manufacturing workers. While progress has been made in raising awareness, there is still work to be done. By providing skill development opportunities, we bridge the gap between industry needs and skilled workers, benefiting our region, state, and country.