Elementary School Programs

BotsIQ and the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Institute present RoboRecharge, a pitch contest that brings together robotics and entrepreneurship.  

The goal of RoboRecharge is for students to learn how to solve open-ended, complex problems in new and creative ways. Students work in small groups to identify a problem, conceptualize a robotic solution, build a business model, and create and pitch their presentation to a panel of industry professionals.  This project-based learning program is great for all classrooms, including business, English/Language Arts, public speaking, and social studies.

Incorporate manufacturing concepts into any classroom with MFGexplore. These easy to follow lesson plans introduce a manufacturing career pathway with a supplemental hands-on activity.  All materials and equipment can be borrowed from the BotsIQ Lending Library to support classroom learning.  


MFGexplore is great for all classrooms, including math, science, English/Language Arts, technology, engineering, and social studies.