High School Programs

Launched in 2005, this is BotsIQ’s signature high school program. Working with expert guidance from their teachers and industry mentors, BotsIQ students work in teams during the academic year to design and build 15 lb. combat robots (bots) to battle in a gladiator-style competition.

BotsIQ holds preliminary competitions in March for teams to test their bots and battle for seedings at the Finals Competition in April.  Teams not only earn points for their arena battles, they are evaluated by industry experts on their engineering binder. The team’s documentation points weigh heavily in the crowning of the competition’s Grand Champion.

The competitions are something that the students can get excited about, but the real-world goal of BotsIQ is to provide a setting where students develop in-demand, technical skills in mechanical and electrical engineering, machining, and welding, along with 21st century skills in critical thinking, project management, communication, and teamwork.  BotsIQ connects these skills to future careers with a variety of career related experiences such as company tours, job shadow experiences, professional interviews, and internships.

Students are provided an extra opportunity to increase their technical knowledge through BotsIQ’s advanced online curriculum in BotsIQ Academy. Launched in 2018 and offered at no cost to the school or student, BotsIQ Academy utilizes online educational platforms such as Tooling U-SME, SolidProfessor, and Mastercam University, to deliver industry-based curriculum in areas such as basic measurement and math, blueprint reading, safety, and Computer-Aided Design.

BotsIQ offers students an opportunity to gain real-world technical skills needed for employment in advanced manufacturing and robotics through its Pennsylvania State Registered Robotics Technician Pre-Apprenticeship.  BotsIQ’s industry-based classes provide a strong foundation of knowledge that is supplemented with hands-on projects and career-related experiences.  Students who successfully complete BotsIQ’s Pre-Apprenticeship are eligible for advanced placement in regional apprenticeship programs and receive college credits at local post-secondary institutions.  BotsIQ’s Robotics Technician Pre-Apprenticeship is endorsed by the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Institute.


BotsIQ and the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Institute present RoboRecharge, a pitch contest that brings together robotics and entrepreneurship.  

The goal of RoboRecharge is for students to learn how to solve open-ended, complex problems in new and creative ways. Students work in small groups to identify a problem, conceptualize a robotic solution, build a business model, and create and pitch their presentation to a panel of industry professionals. This project-based learning program is great for all classrooms, including business, English/Language Arts, public speaking, and social studies.

A “cobot” is a shortened term for “collaborative robot.” Cobots are a form of robotic automation and are designed to safely work alongside and collaborate with humans in a shared workspace. Cobots are found in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, and support many applications.

Using LEGOs, middle school students work in pairs to assemble and program a cobot arm to complete challenges.  The BotsIQ Cobot Challenge introduces students to in-demand technical skills in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science and programming, and 21st century skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork. 

Incorporate manufacturing concepts into any classroom with MFGexplore. These easy to follow lesson plans introduce a manufacturing career pathway with a supplemental hands-on activity.  All materials and equipment can be borrowed from the BotsIQ Lending Library to support classroom learning.  

MFGexplore is great for all classrooms, including math, science, English/Language Arts, technology, engineering, and social studies.