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Our Mission

BotsIQ is a workforce development program by the Pittsburgh Chapter National Tooling & Machining Foundation. It nurtures youth’s interest in manufacturing careers, offering hands-on learning experiences to foster STEM education, provide technical resources to schools, and connect students with industry mentors. BotsIQ aims to bridge the skills gap and build a competent future manufacturing workforce.

Our Programs

BotsIQ provides hands-on programs that directly link students to rewarding manufacturing careers.

Students who gain technical skills in high school are better prepared for the job market and higher education opportunities.  Furthermore, when students have a clear sense of purpose and understand how their education relates to their future career, they are often more motivated to excel academically and can see the relevance of their coursework BotsIQ’s high school programs give students the opportunity to build their technical skills and knowledge in robotics and manufacturing.  Programs include Combat Robotics, BotsIQ Academy, Robotics Technician Pre-Apprenticeship, RoboRecharge, Cobot Challenge and MFGexplore.
Middle school is a pivotal time for students to think about their future. Introducing careers during these years is a valuable educational strategy that helps students make informed decisions about their future, develop skills, stay motivated, and contribute to their overall personal and academic growth. It also sets the foundation for a successful transition to high school and helps students become more engaged and responsible learners. BotsIQ’s middle school programs introduce them to in-demand careers in manufacturing and robotics.  Capture your students’ attention with exciting, hands-on activities like BotsIQ’s Cobot Challenge, RoboRecharge, and MFGexplore.
Career conversations are a lifelong process beginning at pre-K. Elementary students like to imagine and dream about what life will be like when they are older. They get excited to answer the often-asked question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” with their current hope for the future. Introducing manufacturing concepts and activities into elementary education provides students with valuable skills, knowledge, and experiences that sets them on a path toward success in STEM fields.  Explore the world of manufacturing and robotics with BotsIQ’s elementary programs RoboRecharge and MFGexplore.  These engaging, hands-on programs can be incorporated into any elementary classroom with interactive activities and lesson plans.
Out-of-school learning provides opportunities for students to delve deeper into subjects they are passionate about or explore new areas of interest that may not be covered at school.  If your child has an interest in manufacturing or robotics, BotsIQ offers many hands-on programs outside the traditional classroom setting.  Opportunities include summer camps, afterschool programs, internships, and our Girls Exploring Series.

Get Involved

We need an army of volunteers to share their time and talent in ensuring that our competitions provide a safe environment for students to participate in FULL CONTACT INNOVATION. Bots will battle, sparks will fly! Interested in volunteering in other ways, not necessarily at a competition? No problem! Please email Michel Conklin at [email protected].

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