Documentation Due 2/1 – Executive Summary, Cover Letters (3), & Resumes (3)

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Submit: Executive Summary, Cover Letters (3), & Resumes (3)

Use the following link:

BotsIQ 2022-23 Documentation Submission Rules and Regulations:

  • In order to participate in the competitions, every BotsIQ team is responsible for submitting all required documentation to BotsIQ.
  • All documentation must be submitted by its due date.  (See the BotsIQ Documentation Rubric for due dates.)
  • Teams will earn 1 bonus point per section that is submitted by 11:59 PM the day BEFORE documentation is due.
  • Example: If a documentation section is due by February 1st, a team will earn a bonus point for the section if it is submitted by 11:59 PM on January 31st.

Sections submitted later than two business/school days from 5PM of the due date will lose 5 points per section that is tardy.

  • Each school (not each team) may request a 48 hour extension via email per competition year to avoid this penalty. This extension must be emailed directly to JoAnna Dehler ([email protected]) before 5PM on the due date. Requests received later than 5PM will be denied.
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