BotsIQ is excited to offer the BotsIQ Upcycle Challenge as an opportunity for you to provide a hands-on engineering and design challenge to your students.

Included in each lesson plan, you will find the following resources:

  • Teacher Reference Guide with Next Generation Science Standards alignment, lesson objectives, and manufacturing career connections.
  • A student information sheet with directions, suggested materials, and resources.\
  • Optional background information, resource links and extension activities.

Upcycle Challenge – Design Your Dream Bot

General overview of this Challenge:

  • Students will research and design a combat robot! They can sketch designs or use a CAD/3D modeling software to create their bot.
  • They will collect materials to make their bot from supplies found at home. Actual bot parts or materials should not be used.
  • They will manufacture and assemble their bot, including all systems (drive, weapon, power, and frame and armor).
  • Photos of the completed prototypes can be shared with us!
    • If possible, they can share a photo on social media (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram). Use the hashtags #BotsIQ and #UpcycleChallenge and tag us (@botsiqswpa) so we can find it!
    • Or share a photo via our JotForm (

Downloadable Files
Complete Lesson Plan
Student Information Sheet (only)


More Upcycle Challenges to come!