What is the BotsIQ Reverse Engineering Challenge?

A team of 1-2 students are challenged to precisely and efficiently reproduce a part provided by BotsIQ.

What is required of my student team?

After carefully examining and measuring the part and its features, the student team will create accurate hand-drawn isometric and orthographic sketches, a CAD drawing and a flow chart for its manufacturing process. The student team will then write a G-Code and tool setup sheet to machine the part. The sketches, CAD drawing, process flow chart, G-code, and tool setup sheet will be submitted to BotsIQ. Following receipt, the team will be sent a timed exam that requires them to search, identify, and correct errors in the part’s actual G-code.

How many teams can a school register?

Schools can register up to 2 teams with1-2 students per team.