A 2014 graduate from Greater Latrobe Senior High School, Maddie was a participant on their school’s BotsIQ team for three years. Maddie recently graduated from Kent State University in May 2018 with a degree in applied engineering and mechatronics. She currently works at Waupaca Foundry as an inventory controller near Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Maddie attributes her career pathway to participating in the BotsIQ program. “If it wasn’t for being part of my high school’s BotsIQ team, I would have never found the love I have for robotics. I probably would not have picked engineering as a degree or even went to Kent State.”

Maddie and Greater Latrobe High School were partnered with a local manufacturer, L&S Machine. Maddie enjoyed the relationships that she made with her industry advisor. “Working with L&S has really shown me how to communicate with companies in a professional manner and what it takes to make sure you as a team can work around a schedule,” says Maddie. “Companies have harder schedules to work with than the team does, so working with a company can teach the members how to work under a time crunch very well. These are things everyone will encounter in the workforce.”

Maddie enjoyed her experience with BotsIQ so much that she started a collegiate team at Kent State with their robotics club and participated in several National Robotics League competitions throughout her time in college.