Garrett graduated from Clairton High School in 2013. A three year member of his high school’s BotsIQ team, Garrett can regularly be seen returning to competitions as a volunteer safety inspector or pit monitor. Most recently, he can be seen on the 2018 season of Battlebots as a member of Team Huge.

“I really enjoyed the push that combat robotics (BotsIQ) gave me to learn new skills such as design and fabrication,” Garrett said. “Before starting the program, I was always tinkering and fixing things, but I never had much experience with the design and fabrication and learning to build robots really pushed me develop these skills.”

BotsIQ reaffirmed his decision to pursue engineering after high school and prepare Garrett for his participation on Battlebots. “BotsIQ first challenged me to acquire the fundamental knowledge needed to compete at a level like Battlebots. Without BotsIQ, I may have never got into combat robotics,” Garrett stated.