Competition Outline

Working with expert guidance of their high school teachers and industry mentors, BotsIQ students work in teams during the academic year to design and build 15 lb. Bots to battle in a gladiator-style competition.

BotsIQ holds preliminary competitions at local community colleges in March for teams to be able to test their Bots and battle for seedings. The Finals Competition is held in April at the California University of Pennsylvania Convocation Center. Teams not only earn points for their arena battles, they are evaluated by industry experts on their engineering binder. The team’s documentation binder points weigh heavily in the crowning of the competition’s Grand Champion.

The competitions are something that the students can get excited about, but the real-world goal of BotsIQ is to provide a setting where they are developing technical skills in mechanical and electrical engineering, machining and welding, along with 21st century skills in critical thinking, project management, communication and teamwork.

Calendar of Events

BotsIQ 2019-2020 Program


Competition Rules and Regulations

Competition Documentation

Forms for Competition

All students must have a copy of the BotsIQ consent and liability form signed by a parent or guardian for competition.

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