In September 2018, BotsIQ Academy was launched to give every BotsIQ student access to quality online training that aligns with industry credentials and needs.

What is it?

BotslQ Academy is actual courses used by industry to train their employees.
You will have the chance to take a variety of classes from Tooling U-SME, Mastercam U, and SolidProfessor.

What can it do for me?

Complete industry coursework that:

  • Develops your technical knowledge for in-demand skills used in manufacturing.
  • Introduces you to equipment used in manufacturing.
  • Prepares you for advanced placement in technical training programs after high school.
  • Builds your student portfolio for graduation, interviews, internships and more.

Apply for scholarships from BotslQ Academy to continue training for a manufacturing career.

Earn certificates for courses you complete that show-off the skills and competencies you’ve mastered!

Receive recognition for the coursework you complete!

BotsIQ Academy Registration

Courses offered through:

For more information on how to enroll, contact Michel Conklin at [email protected].

BotsIQ Academy Scholarships Available

More information regarding scholarships will be shared with schools in the Spring.

Robotics Technician Pre-Apprenticeship

Contact Michel Conklin ([email protected]) for more information.

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