BotsIQ, in partnership with Catalyst Connection, created the Assembly Line Challenge Lesson Plan for schools!  This Chain Reaction/Rube Goldberg activity is a great way to implement hands-on engineering and design through remote learning.

A general overview of the Assembly Line Challenge is:
  • Students will design an assembly line machine (aka Chain Reaction or Rube Goldberg Machine) that uses at least 8 simple machines to accomplish a task that they have selected.
  • The student will design the assembly line machine with a simple blueprint that includes labels for the materials to be used and the type of machine for each step.
  • The student will manufacture their machine and modify its design as needed.
  • The student will create a video that will either be submitted on an online form or a post to their social media account (Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter only).
For complete information, visit the Lesson Plan below. You will find the following resources:

Downloadable Files
Complete Lesson Plan
Student Information Sheet (Only)
Student Information Sheet (with optional student worksheets)